8 Things Coaching Can Do For You As You Start A Leadership Role

Why on earth have coaching at the start of a new job?  I mean – is it really going to make that much difference?

Good question.

And it’s one I think is in the back of some people’s minds when I say what I do for a living.  So I thought I’d take a moment to outline some of the things women experience when having coaching as they are starting a senior role.

It is sadly a fact that up to 60% of new managers struggle and fail within the first 12-18 months of taking on a new role (source: CEB), and this is for all sorts of reasons.  Having a coach by your side as you start is certainly one way to ensure you make the best possible beginning and get set up for the success you deserve.

It is particularly helpful when the job is one that you have longed for and now it feels like your time has come.  This is it.  The job has your name written all over it.  You can’t quite believe you are going to be doing this, but you know it’s actually happening.

So what difference does coaching make?

1️⃣  A feeling of relief is the first thing.  You know that you will have somewhere safe and confidential to share the ups and downs of the role, and that helps quieten the butterflies going around in your tummy before you even start.

2️⃣  A scattered brain, which is thinking about all there is to do, becomes a more strategic, clear-thinking head, which knows the areas to focus on and is content with the direction you are going in, and all this usually in the space of the hour’s session.  Goodbye overwhelm!

3️⃣  Women move out of overthinking and into action more easily.  Overthinking can easily become a problem when you are trying to make a good impression and are unsure of how you are being perceived.  Then you start to procrastinate and your productivity dips…

4️⃣  An underlying self-consciousness and lack of confidence is replaced with calm and ease. The role feels more your own more quickly.

5️⃣  The habits or behaviours that did not always serve you well in your previous role and you don’t want to repeat can be caught early and dealt with.

6️⃣  The temptation of needing to ‘add value’ early on gets nipped in the bud, and relaxes in the knowledge that you are making a difference primarily by who you are being as much as what you are doing.

7️⃣  The over-eagerness to fit in and make a good impression transform into expressing your opinions confidently and clearly, and being OK with that.

8️⃣ The self-doubt/imposter syndrome you feel about your ability, or even your sense of unworthiness to be in this role, becomes quiet confidence that you are the right person for the job at this time.

“That all sounds great,” you might say, “but wouldn’t that happen anyway?”  Well, it MIGHT, but what I find is that women being coached often get up to speed that much more quickly.

They feel at home in the role sooner and are delivering more effectively for the organisation as a result.  They have an “I’ve got this!” vibe about them.

So if you know someone starting a new exciting job this autumn, let them know that help is out there and they don’t need to do it all alone.  They can contact me using this link.

Me in a 1:1 coaching session

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