Be the best you at work

You are successful, and…

  • You are feeling out of your depth since your latest promotion
  • You want to deepen your impact on the team and organisation
  • You sometimes feel overwhelmed and doubt your ability to do this job

I can help. Together we will work to help you step into your own confidence and ease in your job, craft your vision for what you want to achieve and give you strategies to get there.

Coaching to help you perform at your best


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Got Promoted. Now what?

How to hit the ground running from day one.

Congratulations on your new job! You feel excited… and those butterflies are starting. You know you have what it takes, but at the same time you wonder, “How will I handle this?”. This practical guide will walk you through what to do to start your new role with confidence.

About me

I come to coaching following a 25-year career in international business, holding senior roles in marketing and employee communications.  My last job was nine years at GE, including three years on assignment in Paris leading a global team.  I loved the diversity and richness of an international environment. 

I know what it is to navigate corporate culture, lead a virtual team, run a global product launch half-way across the world, and deal with office politics and constant change.  My corporate clients don’t need to explain too much about the background to their situation because I have been there and know what it is like.

It was when I was on a career break following my last job that I recognised that what I loved most about my work was seeing people grow and develop.  Even if we were a bit behind on a project, I always put the time into 1:1s with my team and wanted to see them flourish.  I trained as a coach at Senior Practitioner level according to the European Mentoring and Coaching Council’s standards, and now I combine my love of seeing people reach their potential with my business experience.

Alongside coaching, I am a trained spiritual director with a love of Ignatian spirituality and I incorporate the wisdom of this tradition into my coaching practice.  For me, life is about so much more than climbing the career ladder; I like to look at the whole person and who they are ‘being’ as much as what they are ‘doing’. 

A few more things about me:

  • I love dancing the Argentine tango
  • I live in Portsmouth, UK and I walk by the sea every day – bliss!
  • I love reflection and once spent 30 days on a silent retreat
  • I like to cook, especially Ottolenghi recipes

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Executive coaching

First 100 Days – a four-month 1:1 coaching programme for senior managers and leaders transitioning to a new role. Helping you make a good ending at the current job and start the new position with confidence and ease.  You will hit the ground running and have a greater impact more quickly.

Leadership Impact – a tailored three- or six-month 1:1 coaching programme to support managers and leaders with a specific area of their role, e.g. communication, listening, executive presence, team building.  Helping you perform at your best and deliver a deeper impact for your organisation.

All coaching sessions delivered in person or by Zoom.

For more information and to arrange a complimentary coaching session, email me at

How it works

In today’s world, time to think can be scarce, but focused reflection can help you get in touch with your own inner wisdom. In coaching I work alongside you to help you look at your situation and its challenges. My aim is to create a reflective space which enables you to do your best thinking. Together we uncover insights and ways forward which will help you progress towards your goal. I am always on your side but not afraid to challenge and stretch you. I will share my own experiences, where appropriate, if they will help provide insight into what might be right for you.

Why it works

There are many benefits of coaching. Here are just a few: 

all about you

Coaching is focused directly on the needs of the individual. One-to-one attention over a sustained period means you can work deeply on issues that are specific to you and make lasting changes.  

changes that stick

A programme of coaching often involves a number of meetings over a period of months, so you can experiment with making changes. There is time for new behaviours to become embedded in your natural way of being.   

held accountable

I will follow up on your progress and challenge you when appropriate. I will always believe in you, but not collude with you if you want to avoid facing something. I will help you stick with times of challenge and find a way through them.  

People I work with

I work with people in business, non-profits and charities. I also coach private individuals. 

  • Managers and leaders who are in new roles or transitioning to a new position and wanting to get up to speed more quickly

  • Executives facing specific project-related challenges

  • Chief executives and senior leaders wanting to think through the challenges their organisation or team faces and navigate a path through them

  • Individuals considering next steps in their career/life

I work in person face-to-face or by Skype/phone. I have coached people in Africa and Europe. Having worked in international organisations, I am sensitive to cultural differences and the challenges of virtual teams/remote working. 

Situations I have coached people through:

  • a newly promoted manager with responsibility for a team wanting to improve listening skills and increase confidence 

  • a junior manager in a charity wanting to improve time-management skills and grow in assertiveness

  • a City chief executive wanting to achieve greater transparency in communication


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The first step is to make sure that we both feel that we could work well together. Please get in touch by phone or email for an exploratory conversation.

Catherine Edenborough      Tel: 07789 988437