How my dream job led me to start a coaching service

I don’t normally use a blog post to talk about a service I offer, so this is a rare occurrence, but I have had a few questions about my signature 1:1 coaching programme, the First 100 Days, recently so thought it would be helpful to explain more about it.

The First 100 Days was born partly out of my own experience of starting a new role – my dream job when I was in the corporate world.  I was asked to take a six-month assignment in Paris helping integrate a new acquisition into the organisation.  It was a real step-up for me but it felt like ‘my job’ at the same time.  I was so excited about it, and also vaguely petrified… did I really have what it takes?

At the time I was not so aware about coaching and it did not occur to me to find a coach.  I took the role, did fine but certainly found the first few months a huge rollercoaster of emotions.  I was massively out of my comfort zone and working at a level in the company that was completely new to me.

Looking back, now that I am trained as a coach, I realise how greatly I would have benefited from working with a coach.  I would have found my confidence sooner; I would have had a place outside my family and friends (!) to talk through how to handle challenging situations; I would have delivered my best earlier; the organisation would have gained more from me… win/win.

So now I am passionate about helping people be the best they can be in that tricky time when they are starting a brand new role.  I coach them over the first four months of their new job.  I love seeing them overcome their mind monkeys and flourishing in their job early on.

If you would like more information, the details are below.

So that, in a nutshell, is where the First 100 Days came from.  If you need help to hit the ground running in your new job, do get in touch.  And if you know someone who is moving to a new role and might find this helpful, feel free to pass on the information.


What it does:  the First 100 Days helps set you up for success in the first key months of your new job…. That time when you are thinking, I want to:

  • be at my best for this fabulous opportunity
  • have an impact early on
  • feel confident
  • show the hiring manager they were right to choose me for this role

And at the same time you are:

  • feeling daunted at times
  • wondering ‘do I really have what it takes?  Will they find me out?’
  • feeling overwhelmed with all the new things you have to deal with

It gets you through the ‘learning dip’ more quickly – that period when there is so much new stuff coming at you that you start to feel that you don’t really know what you are doing and question if you are up to it.

You stay anchored and strategic about where you are focusing your time and energy.  You have a place to think through any and all experiences and adjust your behaviour.

You find your confidence more quickly, and are more effective sooner.  You generally up your game all round in those first key months, which set the tone for how you will fare in the future.

Who it’s for:  This is for you if you are a leader starting in a new role – either promoted within an organisation or moving to a brand new job elsewhere.  It is especially helpful if you are starting a more senior position where you may now be part of a leadership team or have a lot more direct reports.  The responsibilities of the role are new and there is a need to be more visible within the organisation.

For anyone starting a new role in these strange coronavirus times, it is more important than ever to be intentional about how you want to be in your new job.

What we cover:

  • You Now: the gifts/strengths you bring to the role, as well as the areas you feel less confident about
  • Vision – for yourself in this job… how do you want to show up?  What do you want to have happen in your first year?
  • Strategy – your approach to the role, where you will focus your attention and energy week by week, adjusting as necessary.  How will you identify quick wins?
  • Relationships – we will look at the key relationships you need to build and how to do that.
  • Visibility – the change in how you are perceived and how you need to be seen can be a significant adjustment.
  • Mindset – the stories you tell yourself often get in the way.  We work through them and set you up to feel comfortable and at ease.

How we work together: I use a mix of tools and techniques alongside regular 1:1 coaching sessions.  It’s not a cookie cutter approach; I tailor the programme to suit your situation and we discuss up front what it will look like.We meet every two weeks for four months – on Zoom or in person once lockdown is past – ideally before you have left your previous role, but can also start in the early days of your new job.

You are free to contact me in between appointments for spot-coaching.

Your investment: the fee is £1500.

If you think this might be for you, the next step is to book a call to discuss your situation and how the programme might be a fit for you.  Email me at

Catherine Edenborough

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