Time to Stop…

A few years ago when I was working a full-time job, I loved the anticipation of the summer holidays. A couple of weeks completely away from work, the leisurely drive down to the south of France (near Sarlat in the Dordogne was our favourite spot) followed by two weeks in the sun, with a good book, a swimming pool, wonderful food and very little to distract me. Bliss!

Once I started working for myself, the idea of having holidays seemed less important.  After all, I was working mainly from home, in control of my diary, no office politics to deal with, could meet a friend for coffee when I wanted, take advantage of a sunny afternoon to have a walk, so naturally I should feel less stressed, right?

That’s what I thought.

Until, after a year or so of my freelance life, my husband and I went for a week’s break.  One hour into the car journey, I felt my body thanking me.  It was like my whole being let out a big sigh of relief.  “Ooooh! This is nice – I SO needed this.”

It turns out what I hadn’t fully recognised until then was how all-consuming self-employment can be and how I had seldom properly switched off from thinking of ideas and ways to take things forward.  I needed a break just as much as before, if not more so!

Whatever you are doing, whether you are working full-time, part-time or not at all, we all need a rest.  As we come into August, in the UK people are talking about what they are doing for their holidays and how it’s time for a recharge.

Of course, not everyone goes on holiday at this time of year; the important thing is to have some downtime scheduled at some point.

So the inevitable question is:

What do YOU do to take a break?

How do you build in time to recharge?  How often do you keep on going until you are running on empty without realising it?

It’s something that can so easily slip out of balance without us noticing – until it’s too late.  As we get into the second half of 2019, how are you resourcing yourself for the new ‘term’ in September?

Tell us about how you take a break in the Facebook group.

I wish you a restful time in whatever form works for you.  A sunlounger will figure in it for me a bit later in the season this year!

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