What got you here won’t get you there!

You are here sign

It’s very common before beginning a new role to imagine that you will largely continue to do what you were doing in your previous job with a few tweaks and that will be sufficient. It’s only once you start that you realise this is not the case! In a more senior role with new responsibilities, […]

What do you do when someone messes up?

Yesterday I had to do my first Facebook Live for Portsmouth Cathedral – I was leading a service of Evening Prayer from home. This is part of my curacy now that I am licensed to work at the cathedral. And it went majorly wrong! Firstly, despite practising beforehand, I discovered afterwards that I did not […]

How my dream job led me to start a coaching service

Catherine Edenborough

I don’t normally use a blog post to talk about a service I offer, so this is a rare occurrence, but I have had a few questions about my signature 1:1 coaching programme, the First 100 Days, recently so thought it would be helpful to explain more about it. The First 100 Days was born […]

New senior role = new scary levels of visibility?

Light shining on you

One of the main things clients often struggle with when they start a new more senior role is the change in visibility. If you are promoted within the organisation, overnight you have to mix with new peers, who were once above you, but are now your equals.  You have to find your place in a […]

On gentleness


This post is much more personal than usual and you could certainly say that it is not specifically focused on the challenges of starting a new role. You might not want to read it and that’s fine.  The underlying principle is, I believe, important to all of us, whatever work we are doing, and it […]

Let it all be weird for a while

Goats in the streets of LLandudno

While this is a blog focused on being your best self at work, right now it feels important to spend some time on the bigger picture… what we are all experiencing, which is like nothing we have ever seen. It’s all OK. Whatever we are feeling or experiencing now is OK.  That’s the theme of […]

Working from home – a guide

What a lot has changed since my last post. Just two weeks ago life was relatively normal; now social gatherings are cancelled and the streets are quieter. My church is looking at how to stream this Sunday’s eucharist with no congregation present. We are into uncharted territory for everyone. For some of us, working from […]

What stories are you telling yourself that are derailing you?

I had a meeting with a prospective coachee once who felt she might be receiving coaching because the organisation wanted her to leave. She felt it could be a way of managing her out. Her boss had mentioned in passing that she needed to be more effective at delegation and managing her team. From that […]

How to stop procrastinating

Are you a procrastinator? I know I tend to be.  I need a deadline to get me into action.  Writing essays for my ordination training has been a case in point.  We get three months’ notice and I only start a month to three weeks before the deadline saying it helps me focus. The surprising […]

Dare to…

I came across this wonderful poem by Jeff Foster the other day, which got me thinking. Perhaps you do not expect poetry in a blog for newly promoted women and those who want to be their best selves at work, but these words express for me so much of what life is about and they […]